People We Meet On Runs: A Celebration

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
    Wonderful are your works;
that I know very well. Ps 139:14

If I didn’t run, I never would have seen and met these beautiful people.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made People Of San Antonio

Mom Victoria, Son Malachi, Daughter Genesis (Mom finds time to run by having children ride along with her – good job, Mom!)

Dad Josh, Daughters Peyton, Aubree, Kendall, Mom Angie (Mom and daughters take Dad on a hike at Friedrich Park on Father’s Day, 2016)

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made People of Austin

Dwayne (Hanging out on the Congress St bridge, with people waiting for the bats to begin their sunset flight for food, Dwayne informs people about bats.)


Families (Families gathered to enjoy Barton Creek on Father’s Day, 2016.)

Fearfully and  Wonderfully Made People In Portland, ME

Frank (Frank walks his parrot across from the river in Portland, ME, in Oct. 2015)

Author: TD Morris

I am a small business owner (ATX Ultra Eats, gluten-free, grain-free products who loves God, my family, my dogs, running, barefoot running, cooking, eating, and reading!

2 thoughts on “People We Meet On Runs: A Celebration”

  1. I also have the joy of traveling and meeting people around the world. This blog post is a great idea: I wish I’d had it myself, but it would feel like plagiarism to copy the idea now. I love it!
    One of my favorite moments of all time was on a run in Shanghai, China, around the outside of Century Park. I took a side-trip along a little river walk, and there, on a bench under an arbor with vines growing on it, on the bank of the river, sat an elderly couple. I heard them before I saw them: he was playing his flute, a wistful, eerie, vaguely Asian tune. I was filled with serenity and respect, and immediately stopped running. As I walked slowly around the corner, the old woman turned the page of the old man’s music, then lifted her head and gently began to sing along in Cantonese. I was frozen in my spot, barefoot, sweaty, breathing hard, but transfixed.
    I watched for a few minutes, even quietly joining them under the arbor, and discreetly caught about 60 seconds of the moment on video before walking away. I didn’t run until I was around the corner and out of sight.
    Although we couldn’t speak the same language- and out of respect I wouldn’t have broken my silence anyway- it was beautiful.

    1. Wow, Barefoot Andrew, thank you for sharing that moment! What a beautiful experience, beautifully expressed! Do you have a blog? If so, please post the name of your blog so I and others can read it! I have more photos of other people I’ve taken but I just haven’t taken the time to post their photos. I agree that at times we need to treat the people we see and meet while running with respect. I pass many street musicians and actor and such when I run in Austin. I usually carry a couple of dollar bills in my flip-belt so that I can tip them. If I don’t have any cash with me for some reason, I don’t take their pictures. I feel as if I’d be exploiting these street artists somehow if I use photographs of them without honoring their attempts at making a living by performing for the public. One of the joys and benefits of running is that we see people and human moments we would otherwise miss. I appreciate your taking the time to read my blog, and to share with others your own experience.

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