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Finish line photo: Austin Marathon 2016

Hi! I’m Teresa! Welcome to my running blog; I’m glad you dropped by! This blog is the space in which I share my thoughts about running, and express the joy that running brings to my life. I’m a barefoot runner who began running in 2005, and who began running sans shoes about a year and a half later (long before the book Born to Run made barefoot running cool). I like to run all distances. The longest distance I’ve run 50k, but I hope to run a 50 miler one day soon!

In December 2015, I set two running goals for 2016: to run at least a mile every single day, and to run 2015 miles. By midnight December 31, 2015, I had run every single day of the year, logging 2042 miles total. I am now an official member of the United States Running Streak Association! My streak continues, and my mileage goal for 2016 is to match or exceed my 2015 mileage. I keep track of my runs on Strava.com. You can look for me, and follow my progress, by searching for my Strava handle: Barefoot Teresa.

My husband Phillip, also a runner, and I spend our time between San Antonio (where he practices pharmacy) and Austin (where my business ATX Ultra Eats is based). In addition to our mutual love of running, we share a deep faith in God, and fanatical adoration of our grandchildren.


Our hyper-protective Anatolian Shepherd-Great Pyrenees mix Cleo travels up and down I-35 with us. Cleo is not a running dog, but we passionately love her anyway!


When I am not playing with our grandchildren, running, or working, I’m in the kitchen cooking, baking, researching, and experimenting. Two of our children and I have Celiac Disease. In order to create delectable and healthy gluten-free treats and meals for our family, I use only the most wholesome of ingredients. We are a family of runners, so we need to eat in a way that helps our bodies support the demands we place upon them. Food also, however, contains a spiritual element; a dish made with the most pure, wholesome, minimally processed ingredients, that pleases the palate as well as the stomach, mind, and soul, becomes much more than just a means to ingest calories.It becomes an experience. If you are interested in eating gluten-free, I invite you to visit Deglutenized and Delicious, the blog where I publish my gluten-free recipes.

If you find something that interests you either running related on this blog, or food-related on my food blog, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you!!!

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