Running and Weight Maintenance Part I

Streak Day: 1,666
YTD Mileage: 1266

A funny thing happened on my quest to lose the extra pounds I gained in 2018. I found out that calories matter more than people are told they do these days, and that my running is helping me maintain my weight more than I thought it was. Calories in – calories out. Simple math and science. Calories go in one’s body, her body uses part, all, or more calories than go in her body, and any unused portion of the calories change to fat and hang around doing nothing. After prodigiously reading about losing weight, exercise, and diets for the past couple of year, I think acknowledging and working with this mathematical model is the best way to lose and maintain weight. I’d venture to say it’s the best way for everyone to lose weight, even for those people who prefer a restricted diet for some reason. Continue reading Running and Weight Maintenance Part I

The Running Life

Running Streak Day: 1632

Year to Date Mileage: 1049

The date of my last post on this website is August, 12, 2018: nearly a year ago. I never meant to neglect this blog. Running is an important part of my life. I started this blog to express the joy of running, to explore various aspects of running, and to perhaps to connect with others who also value running as an activity integral to their quality of life. I let many distractions keep me from this blog, however, and from the direction I wanted to take the blog. I’m returning to the blog now, and am committed to posting regularly from here on out.

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Stop Blaming Your Metabolism; It’s Probably Not Causing Your Weight Gain

Streak Day: 1320
YTD Mileage: 1,297.4

metabolism meme

Here’s the thing. People (including my doctor) keep telling me that people should just expect to gain weight as they age, as if weight gain after a certain age is axiomatic. As a function of aging, so they say, our metabolism slows down every year. Supposedly. I reject that particular piece of conventional wisdom. If weight gain as one ages is unavoidable, I wonder, why isn’t everyone over a certain age pudgy and cushiony, with a pregnant looking abdomen? Although I do have friends who have put on weight in the past few years, I have others who have not. Dear Hubby, as well as his sisters who are in their late forties to mid-fifties, remain as thin as ever (and hubby Phillip still eats as he did when he was teenager). His sisters’ refusal to gain weight as they age remains a little frustrating to me. Two of his four sisters don’t even work out that much. Phillip at least runs and goes to the gym regularly. Continue reading Stop Blaming Your Metabolism; It’s Probably Not Causing Your Weight Gain

Shocker! Running Daily Does Not Prevent Weight Gain

Streak Day: 1309
YTD Mileage: 1,222

Oh, yes! I am in shock over my sudden weight gain. Other than for health reasons beyond my control, I’ve never had to worry about my weight. Even before I started running at the age of 44, I never had to watch weight. I was actually too thin, until 2006 when, after years of misdiagnosis, I was finally diagnosed by a GI with celiac disease. I gained a healthy twenty pounds when I started the necessary gluten-free diet and I held steady at the healthy weight of 130 (my height is 5’7). Then suddenly in the spring of 2014, and I do mean suddenly, I gained ten pounds and nearly 10% body fat. The sudden body fat gain indicated a metabolic problem. I also had myriad other symptoms, so I saw my doctor for the problem. He ordered thyroid testing and discovered that my thyroid had stopped working. Continue reading Shocker! Running Daily Does Not Prevent Weight Gain

What Happens to a Race Deferred?

Longhorn cattle on hill country ranch
The ranch where Wild Hare 50 / 50k / 25k are staged is beautiful.

Streak Day:1106
YTD Mileage: 24
(2300 mile goal / 2018)

We had taken all the precautions we could to make sure the day would go smoothly. We left the dogs in San Antonio with our much-trusted and beloved dog sitter so that we wouldn’t have to plan time to walk and feed them before our planned departure time of 3:45 am from Austin to reach the race site by 5 am. We went to bed early enough to allow for a long stretch of sleep before our 2 am alarm went off. Perhaps the fact that our neighbor allowed her elementary school-aged children and their sleep-over friends loudly run and play between our building and hers well past midnight was an omen for what the next day would bring. No matter how much time we allowed for sleep, sleep didn’t come. Continue reading What Happens to a Race Deferred?